Discover the Five Things You Need to Optimize Your Tech Stack

Optimize Your Tech Stack

An integrated and sophisticated tech stack can save you time by gaining efficiency in your practice. Learn the top strategies we use to help advisors level up their technology to focus on what matters most.

In Their Own Words

Advisors Share How Upgrading Changed Their Practice

Giti Khalsa

“My affiliation with Mariner Advisor Network allows me to deliver a boutique experience for my clients, serving as a true fiduciary, backed by institutional thought leadership and support.”

Giti Khalsa
Pace Wealth Advisors

Lizz Schneider

“I could make more of an impact with my clients and pursue my business plan the way I wanted to, with a supportive team around me to help make it happen.”

Lizz Schneider
Infinity Wealth Company 

Rehan Chaudhry

“I have the freedom, flexibility and financial rewards of owning my businesswithout the headaches.”

Rehan Chaudhry
Partner Advisor

The advisor’s personal comments may not be representative of the experience of other advisors, and there is no guarantee of future performance or success. The comments are not to be construed as an endorsement or testimonial of any past or current clients, nor do they represent the experiences of any clients.

The Right Tech Stack Helps Accelerate Your Business

Outdated technology clogs your business pipeline and gets in the way of delivering the best-in-class client service you’re known for. Don’t let the wrong tech stack hold you back. 
Optimize Your Tech Stack

CEO's Take:
Why Choose the Network?


Marty and Tagline


Client Acquisition
1. A flexible service model that includes six areas of focus to help you build and grow your practice.
Back Office Support
2. Back-office support frees up time for clients. 

3. Access to a larger infrastructure and network while maintaining the independence you deserve.
Optimize Your Tech Stack

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Download our guide, 5 Things to Consider to Optimize Your Tech Stack, to learn best practices – and how we can help you optimize your business beyond its technology.

ALM Think Advisor

RIAs 'Must Do More to Justify Their Fees': Mariner Wealth's Bicknell

“When Bicknell founded the firm in 2006 with seven others and $300 million in assets under advisement, the goal was to keep clients at the center of all the firm did, according to the company. Bicknell wanted to build a company that could simplify clients’ lives by providing all the resources they needed under one roof.” click here. 

You focus on your clients. We'll provide the support to help you grow.

Barron's Top Five

Leveraging the Best Practices of Top-Ranked Mariner Wealth Advisors for Advisor Support, We Help Advisors Grow Their Practices, Especially as the Industry Evolves.

Barron’s Top RIA FirmsBarron’s awarded 2023 #4, 2022-2020 #5, 2019 #4, and 2018 #3 rankings to Mariner Wealth Advisors (MWA) based on data compiled for MWA and the 2017 #2 and 2016 #1 rankings to Mariner Holdings (MH) based upon data compiled for MH registered investment adviser subsidiaries. Rankings for 2016 - 2023 were published in September of each award year and were based on June 30th data, including annual figures for the previous three years. No fee was paid for participation in the rankings; however, MWA has paid a fee to use the ranking. The rankings are based on firm surveys, and filings with the regulatory databases were used to cross-check the data provided. The rankings are based on assets managed by the firms, technology spending, staff diversity, succession planning, and other metrics. The formula Barron’s uses to rank firms is proprietary. The number of firms included in the rankings was: 20 (2016), 30 (2017), 40 (2018), 50 (2019), and 100 (2020 - 2023). The ranking does not indicate future performance, and there is no guarantee of future success. For additional information, visit

Learn What to Upgrade – And How We Can Help

We’ll show you how to leverage the latest technology tools, applications and services. If you’d like to learn how our innovative tech stack can help drive growth and efficiencies in your practice, reach out. 

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